Department of Forestry

The Department of Forestry manages and disposes of state owned forests. The responsibilities of the Department include participation in forest management planning, planning and adoption of silvicultural projects, participation in municipal modernisation and reconstruction projects to promote social functions of forests, participation in the process of buying and selling of forests and in forest theft compensation claims as well as delimitation processes, overseeing forest management and actualisation of data on forest plots and forest funds. The Department of Forestry is lead by Stojan Rovan.

Trading in Immovable Assets

 All our forests and products are FSC ncertified.

TRADING IN IMMOVABLE ASSETS                                                                    

The basic purpose and objective of trading with land is to merge the production properties and thereby assure rational and prospective size of plots and to improve the size structure of the farms in accordance to trends in European Union.

By purchasing, selling and exchanging the fund shall beside increasing and rounding up the farmland and forests, round up the ownership shares of farmland and forests. For this purpose the Fund shall purchase the parts of farmland in co-ownership by the state, the adjacent farmland and farmland in complexes. The fund shall also purchase the farmland restored to previous owners in the course of denationalization procedures and which is then offered to lease. This is how the farmers who do not have the necessary means for purchase are assisted. The Fund purchases smaller plots that may be attached to the adjacent farms or can be compounded into bigger interesting farmland areas.

General Conditions

The nature protected areas or areas with other strategic or for the state important functions belong to the special purchases of farmland and forests. The trading here is restricted by provisions set out in other regulations e.g. the Nature Conservation Act , Act on Forests, Law on Defence.

The trading shall be carried out in accordance with the annual plan of operations and the financial plan of the Farmland and Forest Fund of Republic of Slovenia which are adopted yearly by the Council of the Fund and with the consent of the Government of Republic of Slovenia and in accordance with the development policy of Republic of Slovenia and directions defined by the state in development documents for agriculture and forestry.


The Subject of the Trading with Immovables

The subject of the trading, exchange and splitting may be the farmland for which the right of ownership is entered in the land registry in favour of Republic of Slovenia, or for which a proposal of such entry is filed.

The sale of immovables managed by the Fund shall be included in the yearly programme of sale, adopted by the Fund Council separately for the farmland, forests, farms and building plots.

The sale of immovables not covered by the said programme may be allowed as exception in cases of construction of infrastructures and in case of the right of pre-emption in favour of the municipality or state in accordance with the law and which right is asserted by the municipality or state.

The Selection of Buyer in Sale of Immovable

The formal and legal framework for implementation of legal act is given largely in the Agricultural Land Act (Official Gazette of Republic of Slovenia No. 59/96 with subsequent amendments). The Act stipulates also the order of precedence of eligible leaseholders who may assert the pre-emption while purchasing farmland.

Stipulation of Purchase Price

To determine the price of land which is subject of trading, the Fund shall on the basis of the Public Procurement Act obtain the services of court registered valuator of the relevant profession. When purchasing the farmland respectively the forests it may engage the services of court registered valuator for agriculture and forestry. The Fund will give order for such services when it needs them for its operations. The Fund shall not take into account any other valuations except those submitted by authorised valuators for valuations which are necessary to purchase the land for state owned public infrastructure. Nearer details of valuations are provided in the Regulations on Trading with Immovables.

Concluded Contracts

The concluded contracts of trading are regularly published by the Fund.

Legal Procedure of Trading in Accordance with the Law on Farmland:

Notification on the notice board of the competent administrative unit and on the state portal of e-administration. The deadline for acceptance of the offer shall be 30 days from the date of notification.


The buyer shall send an acceptance of the offer, with registered letter against receipt.


The administrative unit shall notify all bidders about who accepted the offer.


The seller shall by consideration of pre-emption conclude the contract with the buyer.


The owner of the immovable shall on the basis of the decision of the administrative unit on approval of the deed submit a tax return on sales of immovable to the competent tax office. The tax office issues the tax assessment.


The owner of the immovable shall have his signature on the contract certified by a notary. The notary shall also check the legality of the procedure and of the contract (in accordance with the Notary Act).


Based on the contract certified by a notary a proposal for entering of the ownership shall be submitted to the competent land registry.